MSFLOW Series Axial Flow Centrifugal Pump

Axial Flow Pumps

Operating Data

Flow Rate Up to 14000m3/hr
Head Up to 8 Mtr.
Discharge Size 152mm to 914mm
Operating Temperature -40oC to 200oC
Speed Up to 3500RPM
Working Pressure Up to 10 kg/cm2
M.O.C. C.I, C.S, SS-304 / SS-304L / SS-316 / SS-316L, Bronze, Alloy 20, CD4AMCU Hastelloy B&C etc.


  • To transfer very large quantity of liquid at low head.
  • To raise the water level in irrigation canal.
  • Dewatering of large pits / lakes etc.
  • To re-circulation the liquid in MEE plant.


  • Heavy duty thick metal section is provided at elbow, stuffing box & impeller for extended wear life.
  • Extra-large lubricating oil sump provides better heat transfer for reduced oil temperature and hence bearing runs cooler and lasts longer.
  • High efficiency impeller available in a wide variety of vane angles.


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